Save The Date!

As the day of the Royal Wedding inches closer, it seems the whole world is has gone mad in anticipation for the world’s most eligible bachelor to marry his gorgeous screen star fiancée.

Love them or loathe them, there’s no denying that the Royal Family know how to put on a show, and we’re sure the loved-up couple will be tying the knot in style.

There’s something about weddings that always seems to get us in the mood: a study by found that 48% of women and a whopping 73% of men surveyed said they’d hooked up with someone at a wedding. Well, we can’t argue with those statistics, and despite sadly not making it onto Meghan and Harry’s guest list (we’re sure our invite just got lost in the post), we’ll be sticking to tradition and making sure everyone gets some royal nuptials nookie.

Our Bunnies make the perfect plus-ones (or plus-twos, or threes… there’s no strict seating plan here), and whilst we may not be attending the fairy tale wedding in person, we can at least make sure everyone has a happy ending.

So, to celebrate the big day, we’re offering 10% off all dates and overnight bookings during the Royal Wedding weekend. Save the date and let us treat you like a king.

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