Bank Holiday: Expectation Vs Reality

Hurrah! It’s the month of Bank Holidays. Sure, we’ve already had May Day, but there are still got one long weekend left this month – May, you’re spoiling us!

So how are you going to spend them?

May Bank Holiday Expectation:

Endless BBQs, sunbathing… you’ve got a whole extra day to be productive. Go on a minibreak? Hike? Spring clean? The possibilities are endless…

May Bank Holiday Reality:

Rain (of course), traffic, screaming kids EVERYWHERE. You’ll eat/drink too much and spend Monday in bed, filled with pre-work dread, scrolling through your timeline whilst thinking about all that spring cleaning you were going to do (it’s basically summer now anyway).

The solution:

Call us. We’ll make sure you have an unforgettable weekend come rain or shine with a bonus 10% off all dinner dates and overnight bookings during Bank Holiday weekend. Our Bunnies Brighton escorts will be sure to put a smile on your face, so treat yourself, you’ve earnt it. We know what we’d choose.

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