Will You be our Valentine?

To all our favourite guys and girls,

Will you be our Valentine?

We want to thank you for all your loyalty and affection, so to make this Valentine’s Day even better, we’re offering 10% off dinner and overnights all of Valentine’s week.

Treat yourself to a hot date with our lucky ladies and let us spoil you with some much-needed TLC. We guarantee it’s better for you than chocolates, and the memories will last longer than a dozen red roses.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic who can’t wait to sweep a lover off their feet, or you’re not usually a fan of Valentine’s Day, you’ll fall head over heels for our Bunnies.

We can’t wait to spend the sexiest day of the year with some unforgettable company and we’re looking forward to some naughty holiday fun. So, if you want an extra-special V-Day gift to enjoy all to yourself, you know exactly where to find us.

All our love,

Bunnies x

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